Meaning of maáyo



Good, honest, righteous, virtuous, excellent, kind, well-behaved, honourable, benevolent, wholesome, serviceable, suitable, fit, proper, just, reasonable, fair; well, healthy, strong, sound. Maáyo siá nga táo. He is a good (virtuous, etc.) man. Maáyo gid (iní). This is very good. This is just the thing. Very well. Maáyo man. All right. Walâ maáyo sa ímo (sa íya, íla, etc.) kóndì--. There is nothing better for you (him, them, etc.) than--. You (he, they, etc.) can do nothing better than--. Maáyo (gid) kuntánì kon--. It would be (very) good (advisable, an excellent thing, a splendid idea, etc.) if--. Maáyo siá sing láwas. He is physically fit, healthy, strong. (see áyo).