Meaning of makó-makó



To like or appreciate the taste of something new, not having tasted the like before; to be selfish, haughty, stuck-up, to despise, look down upon one's former friends with indifference or even contempt, as sometimes happens in the case of those that have risen from a humble position to one of power and wealth. Tilawí iníng mga kalan-ónon, kay mamakómakó (magakamakómakó) ka gid sinâ sa ákon bántà. Taste this pastry, for you will like it very much, I think. Namakómakó siá sang lansónes, kay walâ siá pagpanghátag. He likes (He is very partial to) lansónes, for he does not give any (of them) away. Namakómakó siá sang pílak, kay walâ na siá pagpanámyaw. On account of his newly obtained wealth he has become so stuck-up (haughty) that he does not salute any more (his old friends). (see hígmaw).