Meaning of malí-máli



Dim. and Freq. of malí. Also: to insinuate, hint at, use indirect language, enlighten another's mind by allusions, speak in parables, often practised by one who wishes to obtain a favour from another or to come to an agreement, to throw out a "polite hint" in a round-about way. Ginmalímalíhan níya kamí nga ang íya nónoy buút mangasáwa sa ámon índay. He politely insinuated that his son wants to marry our daughter. Malímalíha ang paghámbal mo sa íla. Talk to them with polite insinuations or allusions. Nagamalímáli silá nga buút magsímpon sa ámon sang íla anák. They are insinuating their desire or wish of having their boy stay with us. Masúnsun ang hámbal sang Aton Ginúo malímáli. Our Lord often spoke in parables.