Meaning of mantenér



(Sp. mantener) To maintain, keep up, hold out, support, keep alive, manage to go on. Nagamantenér gid lang silá sang íla pangabúhì. They are just managing to keep alive, they are supporting themselves rather poorly or with difficulty. Mantenehón mo ánay ang kalát, kay kuháon ko pa ang tigíb. Hold the rope in position, for I am going to fetch the chisel. Komústa kamó?-Nagamantenér kamí. How are you?-We are getting along pretty well. Nagaduhádúha akó kon makamantenér siá dídto sing maláwig nga tión. I wonder (doubt), whether he will be able to support himself there (remain there) for any length of time. Mantenér lang. It will do-for the present,-to go on with. It is only-a make-shift,-a temporary substitute, or the like.