Meaning of pák-it



Abrasion, excoriation, laceration, slight injury; to gall, abrade, chafe, fret, rub or scrape the skin off, tear off a small piece. Pak-itá ang papél. Tear off a small piece (bit, scrap) of paper. Pak-ití ang búnga, kay tan-awón ko kon mapulá ukón maputî ang íya sinâ nga unúd. Scrape the fruit a little that I may see whether-its pulp is red or white,-it is red or white inside. Ginpák-it níya ang pánit sang káhoy. He stripped a little bark off the tree. Napák-it (Nagkapák-it) ang pánit sang ákon kamót. The skin of my hand got a little chafed. (see pák-ad).