Meaning of pakiáw, pákiaw

pakiáw, pákiaw


A contract by which it is agreed to pay and accept a lump sum for the whole work; to make such a contract. Pakiawí siá sing isá ka baláy sang napúlò nga íya pagapatindogón, kay nagapapákiaw siá sa malúyag magpákiaw. Get him to give you the contract for one building of the ten he is going to erect, for he is drawing up contracts with all that wish to apply. Ginapasolabí sang ibán ang sóhol nga inádlaw sa pakiáw. Some prefer daily wages to a contract for the whole. Mapísan silá magpangabúdlay kon magpákiaw, ápang mahínay kon mag-inádlaw (sa inádlaw). They are good workers at a contract for the whole, but slow at daily wages.