Meaning of palapák



A hammer or beater, knocker, club, flail, rod, particularly a cotton beater. (see papák).



Caus. of lápak-to tread or step on, etc. Also: A devotional practice whereby the base of a statue of a Saint is applied to the head or to other parts of the body; to apply the statue or have it applied. May palápak. There is (was or will be) an applying of the statue. Mapalápak (Magapalápak) akó. I am going to receive the "palápak". Madámù gid ang ginpalapákan sang piésta ni San Bisénte. Very many people received "palápak" on the feast of S. Vincent. Ipalápak sa íya ang laráwan ni Sánta Ríta. Take the statue of S. Rita and give him the "palápak". (palápak literally means: to cause to tread on, to allow another to put his foot on one's head or neck (an ancient sign of submission).