Meaning of palibúg



To confuse, distract, disconcert, fluster, put out, upset, bewilder, cudgel one's brains, worry, be at a loss. Amó inâ ang nagpalibúg sang íya ólo. That was what-worried him,-confused his mind,-bewildered him. Nagapalibúg siá sang íya ólo sa pagpangítà sing kaluásan sa íya mga kalisúd. He is cudgelling his brains to find a way out of his difficulties. Amó inâ ang ginapalíbgan (ginapalígban) karón sang íla mga ólo. That disconcerts (worries) them for the present. Palíbga (Palibugá) ang íya ólo. Perplex or embarras him. Involve him in difficulties. Ang amó nga hitabû walâ gid magpalibúg sang íya panumdúman. Walâ gid pagpalíbga ang íya panumdúman sang amó nga hitabû. That event did not upset him in the least. (see libúg, palíngin).