Meaning of palupók



To let or make a gun go off, to fire, let off, discharge, detonate, fire a salute, fire off salvoes, to cannonade, cause something to burst with a loud report, to fire shots by means of a gun, rifle, mortar, etc. Also noun: shooting, salvo, salute with guns, or the like. Sang piésta dídto sa báryo may palupók sa kawáyan. At the feast there in the village they fired off a bamboo gun. Palúkpi (Palupokí) ang Nobéna. Fire off mortars during the novena. Ipalupók ko sa ímo iníng rekámara sa ínyong piésta, ápang kon magubâ (mapérde, maránggà) báklan mo akó sing isá nga bág-o (sing isá ka rekámara nga bág-o). I'll let you have this mortar for your Feast, but if it should be ruined, you'll have to buy me a new one. (see lupók).



A shooting mortar (rekámara, rekámra); fire-cracker. (see palupók).