Meaning of pánas



To rub out, erase, wipe out, delete, scratch out, obliterate, scrape out, efface, expunge, blot-, take-, strike-, wash-, sponge-, out, draw the pen through, apply the sponge. Panása ang íya sinulát sa pisára. Wipe off the blackboard what he has written. Ipánas sa pisára iníng lapát. Use this cloth to clean the slate with. Panási ang papél sang sinulát. Erase the writing from the paper. Panása ang tinalíkdan kag bag-ohá ang ímo pangabúhì. Obliterate-, wipe out-, blot out-, (from your memory) the past and begin a new life.



Erased, wiped out, obliterated, rubbed out, expunged, cancelled, effaced, blotted out, etc. (see pánas).