Meaning of panghangdál-hángdal



Freq. of hangdálhángdal, handálhándal. To go in search of a buyer, to visit from house to house in order to dispose of a pawn or of something for sale. Dúro gid ang panghangdálhángdal ko sa pagbalígyà sang ákon báka. I had to go from place to place in trying to find a buyer for my cow or ox. Ipapanghangdálhángdal mo ang ímo báboy, básì may mabakál. Try to dispose of your pig, perhaps someone would like to buy it. Pinanghangdálhangdalán ko ang madámù nga mga baláy, ápang walâ sing may lúyag sa pagbakál sang ákon umá. I have been to many houses in search of a buyer, but there is none who wants to buy my land. Nagapanghangdálhángdal silá sing pílak nga ilimós sa minatáy. They are looking for money to pay the funeral fees for the person that died.