Meaning of pangin



A prefix expressing mostly the idea of becoming, or being changed into, what the root implies. For magapangin-and magpangin-"mangin-is often used and for nagpangin-"nangin-". Pagpanginímol-to become poor. Nanginímol siá. He became poor. Iníng diótay nga tanúm manginkáhoy (magapanginkáhoy) kunína. This small plant will finally grow or develop into a tree. Indì ka na maginúm, kay manginhubúg ikáw. Don't drink any more, or you will become fuddled. Manginmatáy siá ánay sang sa magbúhat sinâ. He would rather die than do that. He prefers death to doing that. Nanginsúbung siá sa (sang)--. He became like--.