Meaning of písan



To be or become diligent, assiduous, zealous, active, energetic, indefatigable, hardworking; to apply oneself to with zeal, perform diligently. Nagpísan siá karón, ápang sang úna matámad siá magtoón. Now he is diligent, but formerly he was too lazy to study. Pisáni gid ang ímo pagtóon, pagpangabúdlay, etc. Study with great application, work with zeal, etc. Ginapisánan níla ang pagáni. They are working hard,-hard at work (diligent or industrious) at harvesting rice. Kon mapisanán (note the accent!) akó mahápit akó sa ímo baláy. If I feel inclined (disposed or in form) I will pay you a visit at your home.