Meaning of pití-píti



Dim. and Freq. of píti-to finger, etc. Also: to play with, fool, trick. Anó ang ginapitípíti mo? What are you-fingering,-toying with? Why are you fumbling with your fingers?

píti, pití


To finger, handle, fumble, touch or toy with the fingers; to twist, roll (between the fingers). Ngáa nga ginapíti (ginapití) mo lang ang balasahón nga walâ mo pagabasáha? Why are you fingering the paper without reading it? Pitíha (Pitihá) ang púsud sináng pányò nga sóklà kag ikúhit sang púling sa íya matá. Roll up the corner of that silk handkerchief and remove with it the mote from his eye.