Meaning of púsdak



To throw down or drop with some force, push with impetus (boxes, parcels, loads carried on the shoulder, etc.); to ram, drive or strike against something with force. Indì mo pagipúsdak ang kahón, kóndì pahigdaón (pabutángon, pabatángon) mo sing mahínay. Don't drop the box, but put it down gently. Indì nínyo pagpusdakán ang salúg sináng mga sáko nga may sulúd nga bugás, kay básì mabálì ang síntas. Don't fling the sacks of rice down on the floor, for-the floor-beams might break,-you might break the floor-beams. Nagubâ ang baúl, kay pinusdakán níya siníng mabúg-at nga káhoy. The trunk was crushed, for he threw this heavy piece of wood on it.