Meaning of ramúsot



(B) To crush to pulp, squash, squelch; to be pressed or crushed to pulp. Nalapákan ang ságing kag naramúsot. The banana was trodden upon and crushed. Ang pángkà maramúsot (Ang pakâ malamúsut) kon igóon mo siníng bató. The frog will be squashed, if you hit it with this stone. Indì mo pagparamusóton (pagpalamusóton) ang mga páhò. Don't crush the mangoes. Ang manók nalígsà sang áwto kag naramúsot (nalamúsut). The chicken was run over by the automobile and crushed. (see pusâ, lumâ, báak, bókbok, etc. N.B. ramúsot, (lamúsut) implies that the crushing results in a pulpy formless mass and can consequently not be used of dry objects or things that merely crumble under pressure). (see lamúsut).