Meaning of sákup



Subject, retainer, follower; member, dependant. To subject, enlist as a member or dependant, accept as a servant, etc.; to include. Pilá ang mga sákup mo? How many dependants have you? How many people are dependent on you? Ang tanán nga ginsákpan (ginsakúpan) níya. All his dependants (or subjects). Sákpa akó sa ímo mga pangamúyò. Include me in your prayers. Sákpon mo siá sa tíg-ang. Boil rice for him as well i.e. add an additional quantity of rice, so that it will be sufficient for him also. Ang ámon báryo sákup sang Munisípyo sa Miagáw. Our village is in the Municipality of Miagao. Ginsákup níla ang búg-os nga bánwa. They subjected the whole town to their rule. Magpasákup ka sa--. Join, or become a member of,--.