Meaning of sáy-o



To go to or visit a place (by chance, unexpectedly, for the first time); to flit through, pass, enter, waft, be wafted (of a thought, wind, or the like). Natingála akó nga nakasáy-o ka dirí sa ámon. I am surprised to see you here. I am astonished that you have come to pay us this (first) visit. Isíkway mo sa gilayón ang panumdúman sa mga buyúng kon magsáy-o sa ímo hunâhúnà, kay nagapahádluk sa ímo. Forget (Dismiss from your mind the thought of) the robbers, because you are frightened when you think (are reminded) of them. Kon maghuyúp sing mabáskug ang hángin nagasáy-o dirí ang kahumút sang mga búlak gíkan sinâ nga pamulákan. When the wind blows strongly, the fragrance of the flowers is wafted over here from that garden.