Meaning of tábang



Assistance, succour, help, aid, relief, rescue, ministry, ministration, helping hand; to assist, succour, to aid, relieve, rescue, help. Sín-o ang magatábang sa áton mga kalisdánan? Who will help us in our difficulties or distress? Tabángi siá. Succour him. Mangítà kitá sing itábang sa áton. Let us look for help or assistance. O Diós ko, tabángi akó. Oh my God, help me. N.B. "tábang" at times also means: to save one's life, rescue from death, but in that case the accent of the passive voice is on the last syllable. Sugúng gid ang íya pagbátì nga sa karón ginatabangán pa gánì. He is very seriously ill and just at present they are trying to save him from death. Napatáy siá nga walâ na matabangí. He died and there was no possibility of saving his life. Indì na siá matabangán. He cannot be rescued from death now. His death cannot now be prevented. He (His life) is past recovery (saving). (see búlig).



The rope that is attached to the shafts and passes under the neck of a draught animal.