Meaning of tádtad



Flooring or matting of split and flattened-out bamboo, bólò, etc.; to cut, break, split in two, tear, make cuts or incisions with the point of a bolo or the like in sections of split bamboo, bólò, etc. in order to be able to flatten it out; to prepare bamboo, bólò, etc. for balántak-work (weaving). Tadtará (-adá) ang kawáyan. Make cuts with the point of the bolo in the (split) bamboo (and flatten it out). Tadtarí (-adí) akó siníng limá ka nahót nga bólò. Work these five pieces of bólò up into material fit for flooring (partitions, matting, etc.) for me. Ginbutangán níla sing tádtad ang salúg sang íla ermíta. They laid tádtad-matting on the floor of their chapel.