Meaning of támwà



To look out or in, have a peep at something, look at something furtively, gaze at stealthily, pop one's head in (up); to make one's appearance, inspect, look things over, look into, examine. Walâ gid siá pagtámwà sa digamohán. She never even as much as looks into the kitchen. Sang pagligad (paglubás) ko sa íya baláy nagatámwà siá sa bintánà. When I passed his house he was looking out of the window. Nagtámwà siá sa gawáng. He popped his head out of the door (window). Tamwaá siá. Observe him. Watch him. Look at him (from the window, the door, an aperture, etc.). (see gáwa, láaw, lántaw, língling, bántay, panílag, túluk).