Meaning of tápa



A thin slice of meat dried in the sun; to slice and dry meat. May tápa kamó? Have you got any dried meat? Tapáha ang kárne. Slice the meat and dry it (in the sun, on a gridiron, etc.). Tapáhi akó siníng pámlay sang báka. Cut this leg of beef in thin slices and dry it for me. (see kusáhos-to cut in strips).



To roast fish, corn, coconut, meat, etc. (and dispose of it by sale to customers at wayside inns, refreshment booths, etc.). Napérde kúntà ang íla lubí nga linúk-ad ukón kóprak kon walâ níla pagtapahí. Their coconut meat that had been scooped out of the shells or their copra would have been a complete loss, if they had not roasted it (and sold it retail). (see sálay).