Meaning of taroróng



(B) To watch, keep watch, tend, attend on, to sit or squat watching someone or looking at something curiously (attentively); to attend, assist, be present at, look on, be a spectator. Tarorongí pírme si tátay mo, hay nagamasakít. (Tambongí pírme si tátay mo, kay nagamasakít). Constantly sit up with (watch at the bedside of) father, because he is sick (ill). Kon magsári kaw kang taroróng sa sugál magaáram ikáw ti madalî. (Kon magságad (magsáli) ikáw sang támbong sa sugál magaálam ikáw sing madalî). If you are frequently present at gambling (playing cards) as an attentive spectator you will soon learn (the game, how to gamble or how to play cards). Ilisipón gid lang ang mga nagtaroróng (nagtalámbong). Only a small number were present (assisted). (see támbong, bántay).