Meaning of tigî



Crust, incrustment, rind, pastry-crust, crackling of roast pig (barbecue); hard, crusty, incrusted, covered with a crust, having a hard or baked exterior. (see tígì).



To bake, brown, crust, incrust, roast well, make hard or crusty. Tigía ang letsón. Roast the barbecue or sucking-pig well. Natígì na ang tinápay. The bread is baked now. The bread has (become coated with) a crust. Nagakatígì na ang tinápay. The bread is beginning to form a crust. Anó ang nakatígì (nagtígì) sang bagól mo? What baked your head i.e. why do you look as if your head had been baked or roasted?



A pebble, piece of wood, or the like, placed under coins in the game of tángga; to put under (underneath); in an obscene sense equal to dítil.