Meaning of túmbok



To stamp, puncture, dot, trace a line or mark, press upon, to press-, push-, knock-, with something blunt; to cut (out) by pressure applied to the cutting tool. Tumbokí sang tímbre ang sílyo. Bring the seal down on the stamp. Itúmbok ang ímo kamomóo dirí. Press your thumb here. Leave your thumb-mark here. Gintúmbok níla ang íya likód sang kuláta. They knocked him on the back with the butt-end of their rifles. Ang bóla sa bílyar (bilyár) ginatúmbok sang tulúmbok. The billard ball is knocked by the cue. Nagatulúmbok silá sing mga pórmas (óstyas). They are cutting hosts. Itúmbok mo ang talarík sa tungâ gid sang bóla. Try to hit the ball exactly in the middle with your cue. (see túm-ok).