Meaning of turapók



(B) A passing shower of rain, a squall, a fit, jerk, start; at intervals, with interruptions, now and again, off and on, by fits and starts; to do with interruptions, by fits and starts. Urán nga turapók. (Ulán nga tulápok). A shower of rain. A squall of very short duration. Turapók nga pangabúdlay. Work done by fits and starts. Desultory, interrupted, not steady or continuous work. Riá nga táo turapók sa bisán anó nga orobráhon. (Inâ nga táo matalák-on sa bisán náno nga olobráhon. Ang olobráhon níya sinâ nga táo dugáydugáy níya ginabiyáan). Whatever this man does he does by fits and starts. This man-never works long at any job,-gets soon tired of any kind of work. (see tulápok).