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A step, rung or round of a ladder; a stair of a flight of stairs or of a staircase; to do something step by step, leisurely, with pauses, with delays, interruptions or intervals. Ang hágdan sang ámon baláy may napúlò ka alintagá. The ladder of our house has ten steps. Indì ka magalintagá kon magsúgid ka sinâ sa íya, kóndì dayúnon mo gid ang ímo paghámbal. Don't use broken, hesitating language, when you recount that to him, but tell him what you have got to say in a coherent manner. Ginalintagá níla ang pagpatíndog sang baláy. They built the house slowly, step by step. (see halíngtang, halíntang id.).



Step, rung, round (of a ladder), stair (of a flight of stairs). (see alintagá).



A step, stair, round, rung of a ladder. (see halíntang, alintagá).