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Relapse; to suffer a relapse, fall sick again. Andam ka, agúd índì ka mabúghat. Take care, lest you have a relapse. Si Fuláno nga bág-o pa lang magáyo sa balaód nabúghat na, kay walâ siá magámlig sing maáyo sang íya láwas. N.N. who has lately recovered from dysentery has had a relapse, because he did not take good care of himself. (see lúkmat).



(B) Relapse; to relapse, to have-, suffer-, a relapse, fall sick again. Nagúnhat siá, kay nagpangabúdlay siá sing lakás nga bág-o pa lang nagáyo sa balatían. He had a relapse, for he worked too hard, although he had only just recovered from an illness. (see búghat).



To suffer a relapse, get sick again. Naglúkmat ang íya hubág, pilás, balatían, etc. His ulcer, wound broke open again, he fell sick again, etc. Nalukmatán siá sang íya síkmat. He had a relapse of rheumatic pains in the back. Tagám ka, agúd índì maglúkmat ang bala-úd mo. Take care lest you should get dysentery again. (see búghat, liwán).