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To distend, bloat, cause flatulence or cramps in the stomach by taking beverages in too large quantities, or with food with which they do not agree. Binúros siá. He is suffering from flatulence. Kon magkáon ka síng maís nga binóog índì ka maginúm sing tubâ nga lakás, kay básì buróson ka. When you eat roast corn don't drink too much toddy, for it may give you cramps in the stomach. (see gúrus, N. B. "búros" and "gúrus" are often used promiscuously, but "búros" is properly used of an indisposition caused by drinking too much, whilst "gúrus" applies to an indisposition caused by eating too much).



See búros.



Indisposition caused by over-indulgence in eating; to swell-, dilate-, distend-, the stomach, cause flatulence. Ang lakás nga pagkáon sing maís kag paginúm sing tubâ naggúrus sa íya. Excessive eating of corn and drinking of toddy distended his stomach. Indì ka magkáon sing lakás, kay básì magurúsan ka. Don't eat too much, for you may suffer from wind in the stomach. (see búros).