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To gush out, spirt, flow out in a stream. (see busawák, búswit, póswak).



To spirt (spurt) out in a rather large stream or quantity, to squirt. Ang túbig nagapóswak sa túbo. The water is spirting out of the tube. Naposwakán akó sing nánà sang íya dakû nga hubág. I was sprinkled (spattered) with matter from his large boil. (see búswak).



A gush or flow of liquid from a vessel turned upside down; to pour out a liquid with some force, (as by turning a bottle, ewer, etc. upside down). Nagpúgnak ang túbig sa pitsíl, kay íya ginpatabulî. The water gushed (poured all at once) out of the pitcher for he turned it upside down. (see búswak, púswak, búgwak).