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(B) To remove from the fire, etc. See bák-it. Bahitá ang kaláhà. Take the pan off the fire. Bahití siá sing isá ka kaláhà. Take one pan off the fire for him. Ibahít akó ánay sang kólon nga may tinóla. Kindly remove (for me) from the fire the pot containing the side-dish.



(H) The removal of cooked food from the hearth or fire-place; to take off the fire, remove cooked food from the fire-place. Bak-itá ang tiníg-*ang. Take the boiled rice off the fire. Ibák-it ang kólon. Take the pot off the fire. Bak-itán mo silá sing isá ka kólon. Take one pot off the fire for them. (see bahít id.).



(B) Half-cooked, underdone, not properly cooked, not well done, especially applied to peas and beans; to be underdone, etc. Gáb-ul pa ang kadiós kag ginbahít mo na. The cadios-beans are hard still, and yet you have taken them off the fire. Nagab-ulán akó siníng mga balátong. These beans are too hard for me. Indì mo pagpagab-ulón ang mga patáni, kóndì lagáon mo sing maáyo. Don't cook the beans insufficiently, but boil them well. (see alibútdan, lágdos, balotanóg).