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Cold sweat or perspiration. Also used as a verb. Ginabahúlay ang masakít. The sick person-is wet with cold perspiration,-has broken out into a cold perspiration.



Sweat, perspiration; to sweat, perspire, make to perspire. Ginabálhas akó. I am perspiring. Anó na man inâ, walâ ka gánì pagbalhasá sang ímo pangabúdlay kag buót ka magpahúay na? What is the meaning of this. The work you have done has not caused you any perspiration and you wish to take a rest already? Binálhas (ginbálhas) siá sang madásig nga paglakát. Walking fast made him perspire. Nagatalabirís gid lámang ang bálhas sa íya nawóng. The perspiration is streaming down his face. (see bahúlay-cold perspiration, as in some fevers, in death-agony, etc.



Freq. of bahúlay-cold sweat (perspiration); to be in a-, be covered with-, cold sweat.