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Unstable, unsteady, not firm, shaky. This term seems to be very seldom used and, if used, is mostly employed in the form "índì mabayúd". Iníng baláy, halígi, etc. índì mabayúd. This house, post, etc. cannot be shaken, is not shaky, i.e. is firm, strong. (see bawód, wáding).



(B) Unsteady, shaky, wobbly, swinging to and fro, rocking, not firm; to be unsteady, etc. (see wáding, bayúd).



To be shaky or wobbly, swing to and fro, walk with a halt, to limp; to persuade, dissuade, induce, convince, gain over to one's point of view. Indì gid mawáding si Fuláno. N.N. cannot be persuaded (convinced, turned from his purpose by argument or entreaty, or the like), (see dîmawáding, paniwáding, bawód, bayúd, daúg, dalá, daládála, wánding).