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(Sp. ventosa) Cupping-glass; to cup, apply a cupping-glass. Bintosáhi ang íya likód. Apply a cupping-glass to his back. (see tándok).



To hold on to by the teeth, stick or cling to as a leech, a pair of pincers, the claws of a lobster, etc. Ang katáng nagkóbot sa ákon kamót. The crab held on firmly to my hand. Ang bintósa nagakóbot na sa likód sang masakít nga táo. The cupping glass is now firmly attached to the sick man's back. Pakobóta ang tándok sa bútkon sang bátà. Apply the cupping glass to the child's arm. Pinakóbot níla ang tándok sa páa sang bátà, agúd makúhà ang dálit sang kinádtan sang idô. They put a cupping glass on the boy's leg in order to draw off the poison from the place bitten by the dog.



A cupping glass, a horn used as a cupping glass, a tube used for sucking blood from a wound; a blood-sucker; to cup, bleed (transitive), suck blood from a wound by means of a tube, draw blood by cupping. May súngay ikáw nga inogtándok? Have you a horn to use as a cupping glass? Patandokí ang kinádtan (ginkádtan) sang idô. Cup (Bleed) the dog-bite. Amó silá ang mga líntà kag tándok nga nagasúyup sang mánggad sang bánwa. Those are the leeches and blood-suckers that absorb the wealth of the town (state). (see bintósa).