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Mediocre, middling, ordinary, indifferent, average, passable, tolerable, pretty, fair, not so bad, so-so, satisfactory, neither large nor small, neither ugly nor beautiful, neither very good nor very bad. (see báyhon, gáwa),



(B) Pretty well, rather much, satisfactory, average, tolerable; to be pretty well off, to do or act in a satisfactory manner. (see bolobáyhon, dawâdawâ, hingánhingán, gáwa).



Somewhat, rather, middling, considering, mediocre, passable, tolerable, not very much or excellent, but still somehow satisfactory under the circumstances. Komústa ka man karón?-Maáyo na akó gáwa. How are you now?-I am pretty well. Maáyo na man ang ímo palatikángan?-A, dílì maáyo gid, ápang, húo, maáyo na gáwa. Is your business running very well now?-Oh, no, not very well, but, yes, passably well. Malápad gáwa ang ímo umá. Your field is rather wide. Madámù gáwa ang nagtalámbong. A rather large crowd attended. (see bolobáyhon).