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See dúbok id.-to join, go to, take part in, assemble, etc. Nadugókan-nadubókan. (see gubúk, támbong).



To join a group, be present at, come together, associate with, go to, assist, take part in, put in an appearance. Madámù nga mga táo ang nagadúbok, nagadulúbok. Very many people are present, are taking part, are joining. Nadubókan sing madámù nga mga dumulúaw ang ámon pándut. Many visitors came to our feast. Our feast was attended by many visitors. (see dúgok id.).



A pursuing squad, a troop of men or soldiers going in pursuit of brigands, etc.; band, body, batch, troop; to go in pursuit of, to pursue, chase, round up; to go to-, gather at-, a scene of action. Tugpahí silá. Pursue them. Go after them and round them up. Gintugpahán námon ang mga buyóng kag ginbáwì námon sa íla kamót ang mga biníhag níla. We pursued the robbers and rescued their prisoners. Sang pagkabatî níla nga may súnug sa dálan X. tumúgpa silá dídto sa gilayón. When they heard that there was a fire in X-street, they went there at once. (see lagás, dúgok, dúbok).