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To break in or through, make an opening or hole through an outer covering, wrapping or partition, so as to get at what is behind, to pierce, perforate. Guhábi ang malíndog, díngding, ganháan, etc. Make a hole in the rice-container, the partition-wall, the door, etc. Sín-o ang naggúhab sang kurúng sang manók? Who broke open the poultry-pen? Ginuhában sang manugbúlung ang búsung ni Fuláno, kay íya ginusísà ang samád sa sulúd kag kuháon. The doctor cut open N.N.'s stomach to find out what was the cause of the trouble and removed it. (see gíhab).



To break-open,-in,-through, etc. See gúhab.



The collar (of garments); hole, rent, fissure; wide, open, uncovered. Panápton nga lúab sa íluk. A dress that is open near the armpit. (see líab, líong, gíhab, gúhab).