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To cleave, split, rend, tear, sunder, break asunder (cloth, etc.); open a way through a crowd, make a passage. Naghígin ang ákon dáan nga báyò, kay ginpapák sing lakás sang labandéra. My old jacket was torn, because the washerwoman beat it too hard. Higína ang mga táo sa dálan, kay maági ang trak. Part the people on the road for the truck will pass. Naghígin ang mga táo sa dálan sang paglubás sang prosisyón. The people on the road cleared the way when the procession passed. (see háwà).



To open a way through a crowd, make way, make room; to force one's way, push aside. Hunahóna ang mga táo. Order the people to make way. (see hígin).