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Scale (of a fish, etc.); to scale, strip or clear of scales, scrape off the scales; to see, have a look at, examine. Nagahímbis siá sang ísdà. He is scraping off the scales of the fish. Himbisí ang ísdà. Scale the fish. Ihímbis akó ánay siníng bángrus. Kindly scale this bangrus-fish for me. Ginahimbisán (ginapanghimbisán) sang mga ginikánan ang táo nga buút mangasáwa sa íla bátà. The parents are scrutinizing the man that wants to marry their daughter.



A fishmonger's table or stall, place where fish is scaled and cleaned; fish-refuse, fish-scrap; place where one is-watched,-sounded,-under observation. (see hímbis, hilimbíson).