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To howl, roar, blow strongly (of wind); to rush, run, pass by so swiftly as to cause a current of air. (see hagúnus, halaguyón).



(H) To rush, run, scamper, come near or go away from with quick steps. Nagahalaguyón ang mga kánding kon tabúgon. The goats scamper off, when they are driven away. Kon singgitán mo ang mga bátà "halá, halín kamó" magahalaguyón silá. If you shout to the boys "Hi! Be off!" they will quickly take to their heels. Nagahalaguyón dirí ang mga bátà, kay nakabatî silá nga may tábad. The children rushed here, for they had heard that there was a banquet. (see halagunús).