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To blaze up, begin to burn well after having been kindled, to flame, flare up, burn well, said of fuel (and metaphorically of passions, or the like). Nagamákot na balá ang daíg mo? Is the fire you lighted (lit) burning well? Indì mo pagtandugón ang gatóng, kay walâ pa magmákot ang kaláyo. Don't shift the firewood, for the fire is not yet burning well. Pamakóta ang kaláyo. Let the fire burn well. Wait till the fire burns well. Pamakóti ang kaláyo. Make the fire burn brightly (by putting some kindling material, as shavings, straw, etc. on it). (see haráhará).

silábo, silabó


To flare up, blaze, flame up (forth); to throb, beat. (see dábdab, haráhará, kubákubá, kibô).



Crackling (of a brightly burning fire, etc.); to crackle; to be elated with joy, excited with passion. Ang kaláyo nagaharáhará. The fire is crackling. Indì mo pagpaharaharahón ang kaláyo. Don't make the fire crackle. Nagaharáhará siá-sa kalípay,-sa kaákig. He-is elated with joy,-excited with anger).