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Full of small holes, punctured, porous, bruised; to bruise, puncture; to bruise or indent with the teeth búyò-leaves, etc. Tagúd-tagudá (-urá) ánay ang búyò, kay ihámpul ko sa ímo dungándúngan. Bruise the búyò-leaf first with your teeth and I will then put it as a plaster on your temple. (see hatókhatók).



(B) Full of small holes or indentations, said of worm-eaten wood, of fruit, of a pitted or pock-marked skin, etc. (see tohóktohók, hatókhatók).



Dim. and Freq. of hátok. Hatókhatoká ang búyò kag itámbal mo sa hubág. Bruise the búyò-leaf and put it on the boil.