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Notwithstanding, in spite of, still, but yet, contrary to what one would expect, in defiance of all one would be led to believe. Nagpaninguhâ siá gid sa pagmánggad, agád namúsmus siá. He made great efforts to get rich, and yet he became very poor. Agád ginamligán ko ang ákon pagtikáng sa madánlug nga dálan, tapát gánì nakadúpyas akó. Although I carefully picked my steps on the slippery road, yet I slipped. Agád ginahingabút ang Sánta Iglesia sang íya mga kaáway, tapát gánì nagadúgang ang mga tumulóo. In spite of the fact that Holy Church is being persecuted by her enemies, her faithful adherents increase. Agád nahúlug akó. In spite of all I fell down. Agád napatáy siá! Yet he died! Who would have thought that he would die! (see tapát, hinonó-o).