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The fat, the soft and most savoury part of a crab's meat, especially applied to the alimángo-crab. Only well developed crabs have aligí.



A kind of crab. (see alimángo).



To watch, guard, see to, pay attention to, supervise, attend to, as mothers to their children, shepherds to their flocks, hosts to their visitors, etc. Ang bakéro nagaalingá sang mga karabáw. The cowherd is tending the buffaloes. Alingahá ang ímo mga bátà. Look after your children. Indì akó makahalín, kay nagaalingá akó sang akón mga bisíta. I cannot get away, because I have to attend to my visitors. Ialingá akó ánay sang ákon mga eskuéla. Kindly watch my pupils or my classroom for a while. (see bántay, libáng, alimá).



A little deaf, hard of hearing; to be a little deaf, have one's sense of hearing slightly impaired. Alingágngag siá. He is slightly deaf. Sang isá ka simána maánting pa siá, ápang karón nagalingágngag na. A week ago he could still hear well, but now he is a little deaf. Sán-o pa ikáw magalingágngag? When did you have your sense of hearing impaired? Ginaalingagngagán akó sa íya. He seems to me to be slightly deaf.

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