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(Sp. atacado) Attacked, assailed, assaulted (by robbers, etc.); infected (by disease, etc.). (see dúnggò, dinúnggò, aránka, soróso, inaránka, sinoróso).



(Sp. arrancar) To attack, particularly applied to sudden or swift aggression. Arankahá siá! Go for him! Attack him. Sang nagatíndog akó dirâ ginaránka akó níya sa walâ sing bisán kon anó nga kabangdánan. When I was standing there he rushed at me and attacked me without any cause whatsoever. Ngáa man nga nagaránka ka sa íya? Why did you so suddenly attack him? (see soróso). In gambling: To take a card and turn it face up.



To be in a stir, excitement or hubbub on account of a fire, a sudden inundation or the like. Nagakinaránkáran silá. They are in a state of great excitement.