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To scratch and scatter (rice, corn, etc. as chickens, rats, etc. do); to bring into disorder, disarrange by trampling upon, by shuffling or stirring levelled off grains, peas and beans, sand or the like. Ginakaráykay sang mungâ ang humáy. The hen is scratching in the rice, scattering it with her claws. Indì mo pagkaraykayón ang humáy. Don't stir the rice.



To scratch and scrape like chickens, to use one's fingers in a similar way. Kaykayá ang dútà. Scratch and scrape the earth together. Kaykayí ang kamóti. Dig the sweet potato out with your fingers. Ikáykay akó sang gamót siníng tanúm nga himulák. Please dig out with your fingers the root of this flowering plant for me. (see karáykay).