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(Sp. garbo) Elegance, ease, distinction, dignity, graceful carriage or demeanour; to have or show elegant airs or gracefulness; show off, pretend, put on airs, give oneself airs, assume superiority, be pretentious, natty, genteel. Garbohí siá. Show him your graceful bearing. Indì ka magpagárbo. Don't be ostentatious, don't show off. Sang pagkitaáy námon buót siá magpagárbo sa ákon. When we met she wanted to impress me with her elegance. (see aíre, padayáw, kiáykíay, kisáykísay, etc.).



To move one's shoulders up and down gracefully or ostentatiously. A kind of native folk dance in which the shoulders are moved in such fashion. Nagalikî siá kon maglakát. She moves her shoulders up and down in walking. (see kisáykísay, kiáykíay).

A prefix denoting the present tense active frequentative. Changes that pan- undergoes are determined by the following rules:

a.) nagapam-is used with verbs beginning with "m", "b" or "p", e.g. nagapamalá (malá); nagapamakál (bakál); nagapamángkot (pángkot). N.B. Verbs beginning with the letter "m" have the same form for the Freq. and Caus., e.g. pamalá (malá). In such cases the context has to decide the true meaning.

b.) nagapan-is used with verbs beginning with "d", "s" or "t", e.g. nagapanámgo (dámgo); nagapanílhig (sílhig); nagapanístis (tístis).

c.) nagapang-is used with verbs beginning with "h", "l" or "y", e.g. nagapanghunâhúnà (hunâhúnà); nagapanglángbas (lángbas); nagapangyáwyaw (yáwyaw).

d.) nagapang-is used with verbs beginning with a vowel or "k", e.g. nagapangámpò (ámpò); nagapangínit (ínit); nagapangúbug (úbug); nagapangótkot (kótkot); nagapangisáykísay (kisáykísay).

N.B. The corresponding forms for the past, imperative and future (nagpan-, magpan-and magapan-) are often shortened into nam-, nan-, nang-, nang-; mam-, man-, mang-, mang-, e.g. nangáyò (nagpangáyò); nangabúdlay (nagpangabúdlay); nanúmbung (nagpanúmbung); mamányos (magapamányos); mangutána (magpangutána), etc. etc.



Freq. of singkáysíngkay-to show off, strut, parade ostentatiously, move the shoulders coquettishly, etc. Also: to stir, move, (see kisáykísay, paningkáwsíngkaw).



Swinging, stir, movement; to swing or move (one's arms, etc.); to wriggle, writhe, move one's limbs in all directions; to stir, move about, be active. (see waláswálas, kisáykísay, hulághúlag, bíknol).