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To push, run or rush against impetuously. Nakibút akó, kay ginkurágmang akó sang idô. I got a shock, because the dog rushed against me. Kuragmangá si nánay mo. Run quickly to your mother. (see karágmang id., but kurágmang is the more usual form).



To run-, rush-, push-, against something with some impetuosity. Karagmangá ang nagakatulúg. Run and shake the one who is asleep. (see kurágmang which is the more usual form).



To take a short cut through fields, over grass, etc.; to pass, go over or enter without ceremony, interview, call to account, tax with, burst upon, "go for". Ginturások lang námon ang talámnan, tunúk (dúgi), etc. We simply cut across the field, tramped over the thorny shrubs, etc. Indì mo pagturasókon ang pagsulúd sa ákon kwárto, kóndì manóktok ka gid ánay. Don't enter my room unceremoniously, but knock first. Sang pagkabatî níya siní dáyon gid lang íya ginturások si Fuláno. As soon as he heard this, he at once "went for" (had an interview with, expostulated or remonstrated with) N.N. (see túrag, tásak, ládag, láktud, kurágmang).