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Thousands, by the thousand. Mga liníbo ka táo ang nagtalámbong. Thousands of people were present. (líbo-thousand).



A recitation, recital, declamation; to recite or quote from memory some verses, or the like. Magbáyad ka sing lúa (maglúa ka), kay nagsayúp ikáw. You shall recite some verses, because you have made a mistake. Sa mga belasyón sing masamí ang mga pamatán-on nga nagatalámbong nagalúa (nagahalámpang sa paglúa). On occasion of a wake the young people that assist often play at reciting verses. Kantahá lang ang ímo lúa. Sing your verses (instead of merely reciting them). Ang magasayúp (magatálang) maglúa. The one that makes a mistake shall recite some verses (as a forfeit or punishment for the mistake).



(H) To cover oneself with, or wrap oneself up in, a blanket, etc. (see kulámbot, panimúlon).

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