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To keep the head proudly erect, to expand one's chest and throw the head slightly back, to strut, walk with pomposity or affected dignity. Indì ka magbáy-ad kon maglakát. Don't hold your head proudly erect when you walk. Ginapabáy-ad níya ang íya nga láwas. He carries himself proudly with his nose in the air. Indì mo pagibáy-ad ang ímo nga láwas kon maglakát ukón magpúngkò ka. Do not assume a haughty air when you walk or sit. (see báy-od, lí-ad).



To walk erect with head thrown back in ostentation. Indì mo pagbay-odán (-orán) ang mga táo. Don't walk with your head held high in front of the people. (see báy-ad, lí-ad).